Meet Dan Overholser Shaping Client Success

Meet Dan Overholser: Shaping Client Success at Seasons Best Landscaping

At Seasons Best Landscaping, our people are our strength. Among them, Dan Overholser stands out as a beacon of dedication and insight. As an account executive, Dan plays a pivotal role in not just meeting but exceeding our clients’ expectations.

A Dynamic Role

Dan came to us with a rich background in consumer products and a passion for the outdoors, which he describes as a significant shift from his previous roles. “The consumer package goods industry was pretty dang boring,” Dan jokes, reflecting on his move to landscaping. His enthusiasm for a more dynamic and engaging environment is palpable and has made him a perfect fit for our client-focused culture.

“There’s nothing typical about my day,” he says, highlighting the dynamic nature of his responsibilities. Dan finds this variety energizing; it feeds his commitment to delivering the best outcomes for our clients. 

His primary focus? Alignment and communication. Ensuring that our operations sync flawlessly with client expectations is no small task, but Dan handles it with a blend of precision and proactive engagement.

Building Client Relationships

Working directly with accounts, Dan Overholser takes the time to understand each client’s challenges and explore ways to solve them. “I discover their pain points and bring that back to create an estimate and a proposal,” Dan explains. This hands-on involvement goes beyond sales: He actively participates in the follow-through, working closely with the operations team to ensure that the ideas pitched are realistic and well-suited to our team’s capabilities.

One of Dan’s most notable strengths is his relationship management skills. “Things happen in this industry that are out of our control: weather, labor, supply chain, etc.,” he says. “It isn’t hard to make a phone call and keep the client up to date with what’s going on. It takes only a few minutes and leaves the entire situation in a much better place.” 

His hope is that every client will feel heard and understood, and might even become raving fans of Seasons Best Landscaping. 

Dan Overholser Impact at Seasons Best Landscaping

As we continue to grow and evolve at Seasons Best Landscaping, Dan’s role remains instrumental. His dedication not only to his work but also to the ethos of our company inspires all of us. His belief in the vision of our leadership and his commitment to our clients exemplify the core values that make Seasons Best Landscaping stand out. 

Dan is more than just an account executive to us; he is a pivotal part of the Seasons Best Landscaping family, driving us forward, one successful client engagement at a time.

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