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Brilliant, Hardy Fall Flowers for your Ohio Landscape

As much as we all love summer, it’s hard to dispute that fall is a winner when it comes to brilliant color in your landscape. If you’re looking to add color to your yard this fall, or next, take a look at these gorgeous and hardy fall flowers that really thrive in the fall.

Red Twig Dogwood

Not only is red twig dogwood an ideal, natural screen, but when the leaves drop in the fall, gorgeous red stems are revealed to add color to your landscape all winter. “Arctic Fire” offers stems with the most brilliant red, and “Flaviamea” will give you yellow stems. No matter which you choose, you’ll have lovely white flowers during the spring and fruit that attracts birds in the summer.


Bright yellow is Gingko’s signature fall color. You may be surprised to learn that Gingkos are related to conifers (very distantly) and that they are considered living fossils because they are the last surviving tree variety that grew across the globe more than 200 million years ago. Many Gingko trees stay small, around 40 feet, but they can reach heights of 80 feet in the right conditions.


Pretty in the summer, too, smokebush or Smoketree bursts into yellows, oranges, and reds as soon as the weather hints at fall. Unless, of course, you choose to plant a “Royal Purple,” then you’ll be graced with purple foliage that turns a truly majestic red.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is instantly recognizable in the fall because of its utterly brilliant yellow color, thanks to long-lasting flowers that stay put even after the leaves fall from the branches. Witch hazel also has a lovely, spicy fragrance, which is always a plus.

Katsura Tree

Young Katsura trees start out in a pyramid shape but eventually will be as wide as they are tall (around 60 feet). You’ll love the shade a Katsura tree provides all summer and the show of lovely pink-tinged yellow leaves in the fall. Better yet, when the leaves start to fall you might catch a whiff of brown sugar—the scent the tree is known for.


What could be better than a plant that produces fresh, delicious fruit and gives your landscape gorgeous fall color? Blueberry leaves go from glossy green to yellows, oranges, and reds in the fall. If you’re unsure about planting Northern or Southern varieties, stick with “Sunshine Blue” which is an evergreen that does well in all planting zones.

Maintaining Your Hardy Fall Flowers

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