Top Outdoor Lighting Trends to Watch This Year

Bright Ideas: Top Landscape Lighting Trends to Watch This Year

As warmer weather beckons us outside, our outdoor spaces should seamlessly transition from day to night. Lighting doesn’t just illuminate your landscape; it creates ambiance, improves safety and adds a special touch to your property. Let’s shine a light on the top outdoor lighting trends to watch this year.

1. Layered Lighting

Gone are the days of floodlights illuminating your entire yard. Layered lighting combines different light sources, such as paths, spotlights and ambient lighting, to create depth and dimension in your outdoor space.

2. Tree and Plant Uplighting

Showcase the beauty of your trees and plants with uplights. These fixtures accentuate the texture and shape of the foliage, adding drama and visual interest to your landscape after dark.

3. Hardscape Lighting

Illuminate your hardscape, such as patios, decks and pathways, with strategic lights. Hardscape lighting integrates into features like steps, retaining walls and seating areas to enhance functionality while highlighting architectural elements.

4. Smart Lighting Systems

One of the most modern outdoor lighting trends is smart lighting technology. From adjusting brightness levels to scheduling lighting scenes, smart lighting systems offer convenience and energy efficiency at your fingertips.

5. Cozy String Lights

Create an inviting outdoor space with the soft glow of string lights. Whether draped across a pergola or woven through foliage, these versatile lights add charm and intimacy to any home.

6. Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Incorporate eco-friendly lighting options that minimize energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. LED fixtures, solar-powered lights and low-voltage systems are sustainable choices that don’t compromise style or performance.

7. Colorful Lights

Add a pop of color to your landscape design! With customizable hues and effects, colorful lights allow you to set the mood and create a festive ambiance for outdoor gatherings.

8. Fence Lighting

Fencing lighting not only illuminates property boundaries but also enhances security. Whether mounted on posts or integrated into the fencing itself, these discreet fixtures provide both safety and style.

Integrate Outdoor Lighting Trends Into Your Landscape

Lighting is pivotal in creating a captivating outdoor retreat you and your guests can enjoy day and night. From functional illumination to decorative accents, take advantage of outdoor lighting trends that enhance the beauty and usability of your space.

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