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7 Fresh and Inspiring Spring Landscaping Ideas

Welcome, green thumbs and garden enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to take you on a tour of seven spring landscaping ideas that’ll breathe new life into your outdoor haven. 

At Seasons Best Landscaping, we believe your garden should be as resilient as it is beautiful. So, grab your gardening gloves, and let’s revitalize your landscape design together!

1. Spicy Gardens with Edimentals

Double Duty Delights

We’re a huge fan of number one on our list of spring landscaping ideas. 

Picture this: a garden where your plants aren’t just pretty faces — they’re also delicious. We’re talking about “edimentals,” a genius term coined by Stephen Barstow. 

These are plants that not only make your garden pop but also end up on your plate. 

Why not have both, right?

  • Lazy gardening: These perennial wonders are easier to handle than high-maintenance annuals.
  • Tough cookies: Edimentals, being perennials, shrubs or trees, are hardy and can handle pests like champs.
  • Kid magnet: Scatter these delights across your garden, and watch the kiddos explore, munch and maybe even learn a thing or two.

Meet your new plant best friends: dahlias, daylilies, currants and more. Let your garden be a feast for the eyes and your stomach!

2. Wild ‘n’ Free with Naturalistic Planting

Let It Grow, Let It Grow!

We’re taking a page from the Netherlands with the New Perennial Movement. It’s all about letting your garden hair down, embracing the wild side and giving nature a little room to shimmy. 


  • No more greenhouse tantrums: Let your plants do their thing, whether that means going to seed, hanging on to their structure through winter or flaunting a few imperfections.
  • Green Karma: It’s not just about you: It’s about being a good Earth citizen. Your garden becomes a haven for wildlife and pollinators.
  • Rule breakers welcome: Play around with native and non-native plants. No green thumb rules here!

Let your garden groove with drifts of plants that look like they just threw a wild party and invited all the cool kids.

3. Rain Gardens: Where Puddles Are Cool Again

Splash in Style

Do you have a spot that turns into a mini-lake every time it rains? Turn that puddle into a party with a rain garden!

  • Clean-up crew: Let plant roots do the heavy lifting; filtering out pollutants from rain runoff.
  • Dance in the rain: Choose plants that love a good drenching, like natives, grasses and sedges.
  • Instant upgrade: Transform that soggy corner into a lush, vibrant paradise.

Rain gardens aren’t just functional; they’re the heroes of water conservation.

And, if you have an unexpected late-winter snowstorm before you get to work on your rain garden, consider our snow removal services.

4. Bug Love: A Garden Soap Opera

From Pests to Pals

Who said bugs can’t be the heroes of our garden story? We’re dialing it back a notch from the war on bugs and letting them co-star in our green drama.

  • Garden avengers: Attract the good guys — ladybugs, lacewings and parasitic wasps — to take down the pesky villains.
  • No more bug drama: Explore organic solutions to keep your garden balanced and drama-free.

It’s time to befriend bugs and build a thriving ecosystem where everyone has a role to play.

5. Garden Glow-Up: Warmer Weather Edition

Hotter, Cooler, Wetter, Dryer — Garden Ready!

Mother Nature will inevitably throw curveballs our way. Let’s give her a high five and roll with it.

  • Weather whiz: Stay on top of local climate changes. Think local, act garden global.
  • Plant superheroes: Pick plants that can handle the heat, cold, drought and maybe even a little pest invasion.
  • H2O hustle: Adjust your watering groove based on the changing beat of rain patterns.

Adaptability is the name of the game. Let your garden be a superhero, weathering all kinds of storms!

6. Garden Living: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Gardens That Work for You

Your garden’s not just an outdoor dining room; it’s your personal paradise. Let’s make it work for you!

  • Work-from-home wonders: Create zones for work, play and relaxation. Who said your office can’t have a garden view?
  • Backyard vineyard: Trade that unused lawn for a mini vineyard. Wine o’clock, anyone?
  • Namaste nook: Design a serene spot for meditation, yoga or just kicking back with a good book.

Your garden’s got more talents than a Swiss Army knife. Let it show off!

7. Gravel Gardens: Less Water, More Wow

Sustainable Glam in a Pebble Package

As the mercury climbs, let’s rethink our plant posse. Enter gravel gardens — the water-sipping champs!

  • Weed, who? Say goodbye to pesky weeds. Gravel’s got your back.
  • Low-maintenance all-stars: Less watering, less weeding and way less dividing. It’s the garden’s version of a spa day.
  • Root resilience: Gravel’s got that draining charisma, preventing soggy roots and steering clear of root rot.

Gravel gardens offer sustainable, low-maintenance glam. Embrace it! And, if you want yard drainage and irrigation, we’ve got the experience you’re looking for.

Wrapping Up Our Spring Landscaping Ideas

There you have it: seven sensational ideas to elevate your garden game this spring. Whether you’re munching on your edimentals, inviting bugs to the garden party or letting your garden dance to its own beat, make this season a celebration of resilience, creativity and pure gardening joy. If you’re looking for more expert insights or spring landscaping ideas, schedule a consultation with us. We’re happy to help!

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