Landscaping for Wildlife Creating a Habitat in Your Backyard

Landscaping for Wildlife: Creating a Habitat in Your Backyard

Even here in the Midwest, we are surrounded by beautiful biodiversity in our own backyards, from birds and deer to trees and colorful greenery. Wildlife friendly landscaping is not only an exciting choice for nature enthusiasts, but for all homeowners who value conservation and sustainability

Urbanization and habitat loss pose significant threats to many species around the globe, so it’s important that we play our part in conserving them. By welcoming wildlife into our backyards, we can contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and create a healthier environment for all. 

Are you looking to invite some friendly critters to your outdoor space? With these steps, the phrase “adding life to your backyard” can become even more literal than you think.

Species Native to Ohio

When choosing to implement wildlife friendly landscaping, keep these native species in mind, and be sure to tailor your landscaping efforts to their needs.

  • Animals: White-tailed deer, fox squirrels and lots of birds all call our state home. You can find them frolicking in the forest, amongst trees and greenery.
  • Plants: Great white trillium, yellow trout lilies, yellow fringed orchids, northern blue flags and yellow lady’s slippers are only a few examples of plants and blooms native to Ohio.

How to Start Implementing Wildlife-Friendly Landscaping

  • Choose Native Plants: Choose to grow native plants that are already adapted to your region’s climate and soil, rather than picking out plants for aesthetic purposes only. These native plants will provide food and shelter for local wildlife while supporting the life that’s already made its home in your habitat.
  • Diverse Vegetation: Include a variety of plants with different heights and textures, and mix and match colors. This diversity appeals to a broader range of species, offering food and shelter throughout the year. Plus, it will make your backyard look beautiful.
  • Use Water Sources: Incorporate bird baths and ponds to provide a refreshing oasis for wildlife. To utilize water as a decorative feature, install a small fountain and place it as the focal point in your backyard. Surround it with diverse plants, and animals will come eagerly flocking to your space.
  • Shelter and Nesting Sites: Elements like birdhouses, brush piles and rocks can offer safe spaces for wildlife while also granting you creative freedom. These features provide refuge during extreme weather conditions, and can even serve as nesting areas for birds and small mammals. 
  • Avoid Chemicals: Instead of using potentially harmful chemical pesticides, opt for natural repellents. Chemicals can harm wildlife directly or indirectly through contaminated water sources and plants. Certain species prey on others – for example, mosquitos are often prey for dragonflies, fish and frogs. By inviting these species to your space, or preserving them by not dousing them in chemicals, you can take care of pesky insects without the environmental harm. 
  • Practice Sustainability: Embrace environmentally friendly practices such as composting, rainwater harvesting and mulching. Create a compost bin where your food trash can go, and watch this practice enhance your soil’s overall health, all while you effortlessly reduce waste.

Benefits of Wildlife Friendly Landscaping

Biodiversity is a key benefit of wildlife friendly landscaping. A diverse landscape attracts a wide array of species, promoting health and variety in your local ecosystem. Additionally, by planting flowers that attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators, you contribute to the natural cycle of pollination, supporting plant reproduction and contributing to an overall healthier environment. Overall, your backyard will be the perfect place for critters, plants and living creatures to thrive healthily and happily without disturbing your peace.

Seasons Best Landscaping Can Help

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