Account Manager Spotlight Peter Deltufo

Account Manager Spotlight: Peter Deltufo

Meet Peter Deltufo, a dynamic account manager at Seasons Best Landscaping, whose journey into this role is as rich and varied as the gardens he helps to cultivate. With a career that began in the industrial field, a unique upbringing in South America and time serving in the military, Peter is not your typical salesperson. His path to landscaping is a story of passion, adaptability and a lifelong love for connecting with people.

A Lifetime Salesperson With a Passion for People and Plants

Peter’s career began in the industrial field, where he excelled in sales across various sectors. After retiring in March 2022, Peter quickly realized that a life of inactivity was not for him. “I have to be doing something, using my brain, talking to people,” Peter shared, reflecting on his innate drive. This drive led him back to the workforce at Seasons Best Landscaping, where he could merge his interpersonal skills with his experience in landscaping.

More Than Just a Job

After making the switch to landscaping, he’s more than just satisfied – he’s thriving. “I’m the happiest when I’m in front of people,” Peter says, highlighting his people-first approach. His job goes beyond sales; it involves building genuine relationships and offering solutions that resonate with each client’s unique needs. 

Bringing a Wealth of Experience to Landscaping

Peter’s connection to landscaping is both professional and personal. He has been hands-on with landscaping projects since the 1960s, bringing an authentic understanding to the table. This experience is his secret weapon in identifying and addressing customer needs, often even before they’re aware of them. 

A Day in the Life of a Problem-Solver and Relationship Builder

Peter’s days are dynamic and varied. He sees himself as an ombudsman, acting as a liaison between the customer and Seasons Best Landscaping. Every day is a new adventure, filled with strategic decisions, problem-solving and a constant focus on being responsive and proactive. “It’s a very fluid environment,” Peter explains, emphasizing the dynamic nature of his work. 

Peter excels in building strong relationships with clients, a skill that is central to his role on our team. He adapts his approach based on the audience, always aiming to understand their needs and offer solutions that go beyond the immediate problem. This adaptability, coupled with his commitment to follow-through and execution, is key to maintaining these relationships. 

Trends in Landscaping: Reduced Maintenance for Modern Lives

Peter is particularly excited about the emerging trend in landscaping toward reduced maintenance. Recognizing that people are increasingly time-strapped, he advocates for replacing high-maintenance plants like roses with low-maintenance, yet visually appealing low growing alternatives like the Fire Chief Arborvitae coupled with the Wee Bit Grumpy Hydrangea (opposites in the color wheel). 

“They seem to like the color, shape & minimalist nature of these choices. They don’t want to be out trimming or deadheading roses every week,” he explains.

In his consultations, one of Peter’s first questions is about the client’s willingness and ability to maintain their garden. “Most of the time, the answer is no. That’s why I’m calling you!” he says with a chuckle. 

Understanding clients’ needs helps him tailor solutions that are not only beautiful but also manageable. His expertise lies in understanding and aligning with the client’s lifestyle to create landscapes that are both stunning and sustainable with minimal effort.

From Gardening to Motorcycle Racing

On a personal note, Peter’s hobbies include gardening and performance motorcycle racing, passions that showcase his dynamic and adventurous spirit. He also draws on his varied life experiences, including growing up in South America, to connect with people and understand their needs on a deeper level. 

Peter’s advice for anyone considering a career in landscaping sales is straightforward: “If you have a lifelong love for something you can be paid for, go for it.” He believes that finding joy in your work is crucial for long-term satisfaction and success.

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