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Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist: 3 Important Pillars

Maintaining beautiful commercial landscaping involves more than routine tasks — it’s about creating an inviting environment that reflects the professionalism of your business. To streamline your efforts and guarantee customer satisfaction, consider implementing a weekly commercial landscape maintenance checklist. 

Not only does it enhance the quality of your services, but it also acts as a tangible record of work completed. Here are the three areas you should not ignore when maintaining commercial landscaping:

1. Quality Control Through Regular Basic Lawn Care Services

Creating a beautiful, healthy lawn and garden isn’t just about having the right tools or spending hours under the sun. It’s about consistent, high-quality care that keeps your outdoor spaces looking their best. 

From meticulous lawn care to precise trimming and pruning, each aspect of our service is tailored to enhance the beauty and health of your green spaces. 

  • Lawn mowing: Keep grass at a reasonable height, addressing rutting, alternating patterns and deformation.
  • Trimming: Cut back overgrown hedges and trees, removing crossing branches and those below the canopy.
  • Pruning: Eliminate infected or dead stems, twigs and branches to maintain clean-looking trees and hedges.
  • Waste removal: Ensure the removal of debris like leaves, twigs and contaminants after each visit.

These fundamental services form the core of your weekly yard maintenance checklist, ensuring a pristine lawn and yard every time and upholding your commercial landscape design principles.

2. Seasonal Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist

While basic maintenance keeps the lawn looking great, additional tasks on a seasonal basis prevent yard degradation. Transitioning through the seasons, your lawn and garden require more than just the usual upkeep to stay vibrant and healthy. 

Make sure to take into account tasks that will address the specific challenges that each season brings. From rejuvenating your soil with fertilization and aeration to combating pesky weeds and pests, each task is carefully considered to enhance the overall health and appearance of your landscape. 

For customers committed to a comprehensive landscape maintenance checklist, tasks to include on their seasonal list are:

  • Fertilization: Conduct soil tests and apply necessary nutrients at intervals.
  • Aeration: Insert holes into the soil to facilitate the passage of light, water, air and nutrients.
  • Overseeding: Create thicker grass to enhance color and deter weed growth.
  • Dethatching: Remove thatch to prevent nutrient and water blockage.
  • Weeding: Control weed growth through physical removal or targeted chemical treatments.
  • Mulching: Enhance soil health and reduce weed presence by locking in moisture.
  • Staking: Guide tree and hedge growth with ties, removing stakes after one year.
  • Artificial lawn maintenance: Keep artificial lawns clean, cross-brush to prevent matting and rinse regularly.
  • Sod maintenance: Manage and maintain sod through regular watering and mowing.
  • Pest control: Monitor and control pests such as armyworms, fire ants and grubs.
  • Irrigation/drainage maintenance: Inspect systems for leaks and remove blockages. 

3. Equipment Maintenance

Efficient and effective lawn care hinges not just on skill, but also on the reliability and performance of your equipment. Regular equipment maintenance is the unsung hero in this equation, ensuring that every tool and machine is always ready for action. 

If this upkeep seems overwhelming – we understand. That’s why we partner with commercial property owners to maintain their landscape and take care of all of the hassle. So they don’t have to worry about a thing!

For the equipment that you do own, here is a suggested maintenance checklist: 

  • Refuel daily: Ensure all equipment is refueled daily to prevent operational interruptions.
  • Blade maintenance: Change and sharpen mower blades regularly to maintain optimal cutting performance.
  • Power washing: You shouldn’t only be pressure washing your commercial client’s hardscapes. Periodically power wash all machines, including mowers, trimmers and blowers, to prevent dirt and debris buildup.
  • Trimmer lines: Inspect trimmer lines regularly for early detection of problems.
  • Grease and oil: Apply grease to hedge trimmers as needed and check oil levels regularly.
  • Hand tools: Wash hand tools daily to keep them in good condition.

Use Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist for Your Well-Organized Business

Your commercial landscape maintenance checklist serves as the backbone of an organized business. In a bustling environment with multiple employees, this checklist acts as a paper trail, reducing confusion and resolving issues efficiently. 

Dedicate a few minutes to creating and implementing this checklist. It’s a small investment with countless benefits for your commercial landscape business. Or let us do it for you so you don’t have to worry about it!

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