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5 Best Ornamental Grasses for Your Yard

Care to make your yard the most striking yard in your neighborhood? Everyone plants seasonal plants and flowerbeds in their yard. Then there’s hardscape that homeowners love to do in their yards as well, which is also a very common idea. Sure, these things add to the beauty of your yard, but there’s always something different that you can do in your yard to make it look stunning. Ornamental grasses give your yard that kind of look, and we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best ornamental grasses for your yard.

If you plan on planting ornamental grasses in your yard, you will have to choose from an endless variety of ornamental grasses. In fact, you’d be surprised to see the variety of ornamental grasses. In order to spare you from confusion, we will list five types of ornamental grasses that will add a touch of class to your yard for sure.

1. Japanese Forest Grass

If you want to plant ornamental grasses in a shady spot, you don’t have a better option than Japanese Forest Grass. It looks amazing if planted as borders of flowerbeds, a ground cover, or a container plant. Japanese Forest Grass has narrow yellow leaves with green stripes. The most mesmerizing thing about this ornamental grass is that it turns slightly pink during the fall season.

2. Fountain Grass

During summer, when you get a lot of sunlight, go for Fountain Grass. It flowers the best when the sun is full. The most beautiful feature of Fountain Grass is its fluffy and buff-colored blooms that the plant produces during late summer.

3. Orange New Zealand Sedge

The vivid colors of the fall season always give a unique look to lawns and gardens. Orange New Zealand Sedge is bronze-green foliage that is used as an ornamental grass. If you live in the suburbs, you don’t have to worry about rabbits and deer eating this ornamental grass, which grows in clumps that reach up to 18-24 inches tall in height.

4. Mexican Feather Grass

You must have seen fine foliage with green leaves that mature into pale gold color. That’s Mexican Feather Grass, which is ideal if you have slopes in your yard. The best thing about Mexican Feather Grass is that it only needs occasional watering.

5. Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Muhly Grass is actually green grass-like foliage. However, it earns its name during the fall season when fluffy pink flowers appear. Pink Muhly Grass has several favorable properties. For instance, it can tolerate hot temperatures, poor soils, and even drought. In short, it’s really easy to grow this ornamental grass.

The Best Ornamental Grasses Will Keep Your Yard Looking Good All Year Long

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