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Snow Management & Removal Tips

Winter has finally arrived! The hardware stores are stocked with shovels, ice scrapers, snow blowers, and salt.  Gloves, scarves, hats and heavy coats are on display.  To avoid injury and hassle, here are some snow management & removal tips from the pros.

  • Spread salt as soon as the snow and ice begin.  It will slow down the freezing process.
  • Take frequent breaks to allow our body to rest.
  • Don’t shovel as soon as you wake up.  A slipped disc injury is more likely due to a build-up in fluid if you’ve been laying down.
  • Spread ice melt as soon as the snow and freezing rain begin to slow the freezing process.
  • Don’t wait for the snow to accumulate.  Heavier and more packed snow is more dangerous and difficult to clear.  Plus, a drop in temperature will solidify fluffy flakes.
  • If you encounter a stubborn ice patch, cover it with salt and then crack it with an ice chisel or heavy-duty scraping tool.
  • Invest in a snow thrower.  They’re more expensive than a shovel but can reduce time shoveling and save your back.
  • Check supplies in advance.  Ensure your snow blower and shovel are in good condition, and you have adequate salt before the snow hits and stores sell out.

The best advice we can offer is to let the professionals handle the snow and ice.  Sure, you are capable of handling it, but you probably have better things to do than stand in the cold for a few hours.  Let us take that work off your hands and schedule a consultation today!

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